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High Quality Custom Firearms

Livermore, CA 94551

Accurate Arms USA can handle your Firearms Dealer, Private Party, & Ammo Transfers....

The Process...

Place your retail order online and choose Accurate Arms as your "ship to" FFL.  Be sure to list YOUR NAME and PHONE NUMBER information so that we can contact you when your item(s) arrive. 

When your package arrives we will contact you to set up an appointment to come in and start your paperwork.

PLEASE NOTE: It may take 1-2 days to check-in your item.

You must bring ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to your appointment. All fees are due in cash at that time as well.

At your appointment we will initiate the background check and begin your 10 day waiting period.

We will book your pickup appointment on the calendar..... which time, upon approval, you will sign & thumbprint the final documents and pickup your items.

Click link below to view the CA DOJ APPROVED HANDGUN ROSTER if you are purchasing a handgun.

If the gun is not specifically listed on the roster, then it is NOT LEGAL to own in CA.

Firearms Transfer Services

Dealer Transfer Fee is $102.81 (Plus DROS on ALL tranfers)

STATE DOJ DROS Fee is $37.19

Ammo Transfer Fees

10% of Invoice

$15.00 Minimum Charge*

*Per Order Delivered


All Transfers & Pick Ups Are Done By Appointment Only!

Accurate Arms does not track packages due to the volume we receive.